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Do you find yourself...

Newly appointed to your position

You have been promoted or have joined a new business in a senior leadership role. Shareholders, colleagues and employees are looking to you take the business to its next level of performance.

Growing your business quickly

Your business is doing exceptionally well. However, the growth is bringing stresses to your leadership team because they have limited experience leading and managing a business of this scale and complexity.

Expanding your markets

The business you are leading has been primarily domestic and you have decided to expand more internationally through partnerships, acquisitions or establishing your own international sites. There is limited experience internally in the cultural and practical aspects of leading and managing people in other markets.

Struggling to retain talent

You are finding it increasingly difficult to hold on to your top talent and their key skills or to attract additional talent. How do you address this to be an employer of choice for the talent that is critical to your future growth?

With a new leadership team

You need to reassess the purpose, structure and members of your leadership team. You need to develop them as a team and as individual leaders to lead the business effectively.

Making acquisitions

You are starting the due diligence of a potential acquisition. The leadership strength and culture are key aspects in achieving the future valuation or ROI of the deal and you need help in assessing this objectively. You will also need to ensure that you are able to effectively communicate the benefits and integrate the acquisition into your business.

Our solutions help you address each these situations in a highly effective and sustainable manner.

Our way of working

We gain a detailed understanding of your needs and objectives before proposing a course of action. This is based on spending time with you to explore the context, causes and measurable outcomes desired.

Assignments are based on defined objectives within an agreed time period. This ensures that you see a real return based on impact and not simply time and effort.

Our manner and style of working along with our extensive international experience allow us to connect and build a good rapport with people of different backgrounds and personality.

We have done it ourselves! We go beyond theory and in our previous leadership, line and functional roles we have experienced similar challenges that you have and have a track record of overcoming these.

Our honesty and integrity in dealing with people’s careers has allowed us to build long term relationships at all levels and in particular with those senior executives who we have previously partnered with.

When we have completed a project in your business you will not only have the results targeted, you will also have learning transferred to your people and your organization that they can apply in the future.

Our ongoing success and future work with you is dependent on the real impact that we have on you and your business.