The services of Talent Driven Value reflect the connections between having the right people in the right roles; understanding human behavior; and designing structures and processes that lead to sustainable business results.

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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Drive the effectiveness of yourself, your senior team and overall business success through:

  • Individual Leadership
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Successful Executive On-Boarding
  • Creating High Performing Teams
  • Leadership Team Alignment
  • Resolving Team Conflict

With an extensive coaching experience and International Coach Federation membership we bring structured methods and highly effective tools to helping you achieve your goals.

Our coaching methodology includes personal assessment, 360-degree reviews and the use of practical and self-sustaining methods that achieve measurable results in a defined period.

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Defining and implementing your approach to having the right talent at the right time and in the right roles focusing on a common goal. This is both driven by your business strategy as well as a critical element in defining an achievable plan for the business.

Talent strategy definition

As part of reviewing your business plan you recognize the need to understand how talent is going to impact this and what talent approach you need to adopt to enable your business plan to be successful.

Using a detailed process that includes discovery through interviews and data analysis we work with the leaders in the business to identify the essential talent priorities and ways to meet these within the context of your business structure, culture and environment.

Talent initiative implementation

Having a plan is key, however, the real business impact comes from the effective implementation of the various elements in total or individually. This brings significant change and highlights resource constraints and skills gaps. We design, project manage and implement a range of talent management tools.

HR function structures and capabilities

Working with your business and HR leaders we determine options and best approaches for your business for the HR structure and the capabilities of the team. We assess the capability of new HR leadership candidates and coach them when appointed to be able to build a real partnership with the business leaders and have a significant impact on business performance.

Acquisition Support

Leadership teams and effective integration are critical to M&A success. We support your acquisition insights and integration planning through leadership team and culture assessments; internal communications; and integration plan design / implementation.


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Applying objective talent assessment tools, we are able to help you make robust and informed people decisions.

  • Do you know which leadership capabilities are critical to achieving your business objectives.
  • Are you maximizing the individual strengths of your people?
  • Are you developing the right leadership styles in your current and future leaders.
  • Are you able to make objective and informed selection decisions in the appointment of internal and external candidates?

With extensive experience in ability and personality assessments of over many years, accredited by the British Psychological Society, we are able to apply the most effective tool to particular business needs.

We do assessments on a stand-alone basis, as part of coaching programs and also as a trainer / reseller to equip your internal Human Resources teams with the capability.

  • Selection decisions for new hires and internal promotions
  • Leadership and team assessment for personal development
  • Team effectiveness, team building and conflict resolution
  • Job profile design and individual job fit analysis
  • Team Building & Team Development

Download an overview of our assessment tools.

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